Explore Varanasi with rich culture

Varanasi is a city with rich culture and heritage. People from different parts of the world bear witness to this amalgamation of religion and history. However, for tourists who book the Golden Triangle Tour 3 days with the Varanasi Tour, there are some scams they can easily catch. Here are some tips to avoid these kans present in the streets of Varanasi to be stupid.

Rickshaw Wala– When you reach Varanasi, you will be taking a rickshaw to reach your hotel. Surprisingly, the rickshaw man will tell you whether the hotel you have booked is closed or burnt. He would then suggest another hotel to his contacts and from there he would receive a large commission deduction. Don’t get caught in the trap and insist on paying only when it takes you to your destination.

Boatman– Before you decide on a ride what is the charge and for how long. Often these boat riders take you to the middle of the river and then ask you to pay extra as you only paid 30 minutes which is already over. At that point, you have no choice but to pay.

Visiting the cremation ghats– When you visit the cremation ghats of Manikarnika, you will find that people are coming to you and asking for alms for poor people. Note that these are the only scammers to cheat tourists like you. The Golden Triangle journey with Varanasi can be enjoyed to its fullest, if you know how to handle these devils.

Touts– You will find many people who will take you to specialty shops and help you to complete your shopping. Do not listen to them and do some research to find out which shops offer good quality at reasonable prices. Learn how to politely decline such offers, otherwise, you can pay an extra amount for the same thing.

Bhang Lassi – Varanasi is also the place where marijuana is widely exchanged. Even the authorities are not much interested in handling such drug peddlers. Although many guesthouses offer lang lassi to their guests. The drink is highly potent and many of them rob their belongings because of it.

Troubling people– When you roam the city, many people will harass you by offering services like massage, boat ride and fortune telling. Leave them politely and they will keep bothering you and you will not be able to enjoy your tour. These are just harmless people, so not a simple one is enough to overcome them. Same day Taj Mahal Tour by Car If you have planned a Golden Triangle and a trip to Varanasi, it is advisable to beware of such scams. Do not eat or drink anything offered by someone you are not familiar with. Apart from this, monkeys also bother tourists a lot, especially if you are carrying food. Eat your meals in proper hotels and to avoid facing this danger, close all the windows while closing your room.

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